Corporate Clothing

Corporate Clothing

Over the past 30 years I have been involved in major projects including many Hotels, Building Societies and Banks, Airlines, Retail, Railway Franchises, Security providers and Discreet Security personnel. I have also worked with smaller companies to deliver high end bespoke projects for world leading hotel brands and restaurants and would modestly suggest, as a key executive at both Brook Taverner: and Stuncroft Clothing: I have been involved with more Corporate Clothing projects than almost anyone in the industry today.

I offer a completely free consultation on anything relating to your corporate clothing project.

Why Choose Bailey
For your corporate clothing project

  1. I am well connected and understand both fabric and garments and how to source both.
  2. I can recommend excellent designers who have relevant industry experience.
  3. Can advise on accurate assessment of cost and time scales.
  4. Experienced on “fit for purpose” quality and environmental and ethically sound projects
  5. I can advise on some of the pitfalls and shortcuts that should be avoided.
  6. Understands aftercare and a reasonable number of clothing items to issue each staff member
  7. Some years ago I wrote “The 5 Golden rules essential for enjoying a successful Corporate Clothing Program.” I think they still hold good today.

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