Our Bespoke Process

The Made to Measure
Tailoring Experience

Beautifully tailored clothing created from the worlds most luxurious fabrics. Made to Measure offers you the optimum fit and the luxury of choice. Create your unique piece of clothing with meticulous attention to detail. Freedom to create whatever the occasion. A suit or a fabulous sports jacket teamed with Chinos created from Italian superfine stretch cotton?

The Rules of the Engagement

The Made to Measure Tailoring experience is a simple and hopefully enjoyable process that does involve key decisions.



Come and have a chat, a coffee and a croissant. Forget the world for an hour and enjoy choosing your unique piece of clothing.

Magazines, books, film all available if you need a little inspiration. It’s a good idea to trawl the web for ideas before we get together. I will give you as much guidance as you require. Interesting sites that may help you: https://hespokestyle.com https://www.gentlemansgazette.com





Open and honest discussion of your preferences and opinions is obligatory: the consumption of food and drink is a choice. Pre conceived ideas and dated attitudes and can be left behind as can the idea that tailoring traditions are sacrosanct. It’s 2022 we make modern clothing in a traditional way but always to suit you!

Measurements will be taken and your figure assessed. No embarrassment just my job as your Tailor (what happens in a tailors, stays at the tailors).





Approx 6 weeks later your suit will be ready for your first fitting where I will check the fit and finish.

If you are completely satisfied we shake hands and you take your unique piece of clothing. With your permission, I will record your pattern and measurements on my system.



A Guide to Price

2p/c Suit. Half Canvas/floating chest piece Sports Jacket Trousers/Breeks Overcoats Bespoke Shirts
Essential Wool and stretch wool £495-650 £425-495 £170-190
Super Fine Wools 110’s, 120’s, 130’s £695-895 £525-795 £220-475
Fabric from the world’s most revered mills. £995-4500 £695-1350 £330-995
UK’s Finest Tweeds from Lovat Mill and Harris Tweed £945-1250 £650-995 £175-295 £695-995
Superfine Cotton £120-240

Alteration Price List

Jacket and Coat Alterations Alteration Price
Shorten Sleeve Plain £25
Shorten Sleeve Vent £29
Lengthen Sleeves False Hem £25
Lengthen Sleeves Vent £35
Shorten Jacket £55
Take in Side Seams (Waist) £39
Take in All Seams £66
Trouser Alterations Alteration Price
Shorten Plain £18
Shorten Turn Ups or Vent £28
Waist Take In or Let Out £24
Taper Leg From Thigh To Bottom £32
Shirt Alterations Alteration Price
Shorten Sleeves £20
Take In Side Seam (Waist) £26
Shorten Body £29
Add Darts £22

Essential V.I.P Packages

Bailey Bespoke gives you the opportunity to create your own personal Made to Measure wardrobe. Every detail tailored for you.

Bailey Premium Suiting

The “V” the most critical area of your suit jacket!! Shoulder, lapels, Waist at button fastening. See: https://baileybespoketailoring.co.uk/bespoke-suits/


Made to Measure Tailoring