The Anatomy of a Made to Measure Suit

You are creating your unique suit down to the last detail; enjoy! Bailey can create tailoring to match your requirements for whatever the occasion. Once you’ve been measured and selected your fabric from the worlds premier fabric mills including Scabal, Loro Piana, Dormeuil. Choose the style, cut and fit to suit your lifestyle & personality and enjoy choosing your options, there are many, to make the suit uniquely yours.

The Construction

The Anatomy of a Made to Measure suit impacts the “V” the most critical area of your suit jacket!
Shoulder, lapels, Waist at button fastening.


Firm or natural depending on the garment. A roped shoulder with medium soft pad for stature. Capped for a regular look or a natural soft pad for a casual jacket. Roped Made by hand by inserting ultra-light padding where the sleeve is attached, roped shoulders provide the upper part of the jacket with more shape and structure. That artisan touch that provides each and every tailor-made suit with true sartorial style.


Never too long! You are choosing Made to Measure for a flattering look that enhances masculinity and lengthens your body giving stature. The correct length gives height and when added to a pinched waist a more elegant silhouette.


The most visual part of your outfit. Must be sophisticated and flattering.


The worlds best. Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis Canonico and many more. These world leading suppliers have been in business for centuries in fact Barberis has making world leading fabrics since 1663!


The jacket must accentuate your shoulder and slim your waist. Pinched and allowed to fall beautifully when unfastened.


High armholes and fitted sleeve. The worlds best tailors cut a high armhole for fit & freedom and a narrow sleeve for a contemporary, masculine look.

Body Canvas

A floating, half canvas chest for the ultimate feel. The Chest canvas has a memory and over time moulds to your shape. I prefer half canvas it’s a little lighter. However, a full canvas construction provides shape and structure through the whole front of the jacket and will endure for the lifetime of your suit jacket. Either way, high quality canvas and felt is the only way to create a quality jacket.

Never compromise. Never used a fused chest piece or inferior canvas. Always insist on a high grade floating chest piece for your Made To Measure jacket. For a full understanding of construction please read the Blog post “The Difference Methods of Constructing a Suit Jacket“.

An independent view from our U.S. friends:

Choose Your Options

Natural silhouette or commanding roped shoulder? Choose the style, cut and fit to suit your life style and personality. Enjoy choosing the options that will make your clothing uniquely yours.


Natural silhouette or commanding roped shoulder? Width and shape of your lapels?


Mother of Pearl or Horn button? How many pockets inside and out.


Would like top stitching, fancy lining and personalised embroidery?

Made to Measure Tailoring