Made to Measure Jackets & Blazers


Sports Jacket

A little less formal? The Sports Jacket has become a very popular and versatile piece of clothing in most men’s wardrobe. Dress it up formally or with a pair of jeans or chino’s and sweater.

Explore “go anywhere” tonal checks, fabulous windowpane checks. Or make a statement with striking colours. Whichever you choose pair with great trousers, shoes and a lovely belt and your outfit is fit for almost any occasion. Interesting article:

A Blazer

Fancy a Blazer? Beautiful buttons and a capped shoulder for a commanding British tailored look. Or a natural shoulder and buggy lining for a more relaxed, sophisticated look. Like a good sports coat your Blazer can be dressed up or worn with more casual clothing but will always carry sophistication and authority. Marry your Jacket/Blazer with the fab trousers and shirt. Oh, and always finish with the right shoes and belt. Interesting articles here:


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