Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or message me if you have any queries at all. I will happily have a chat about all aspects of men’s clothing. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

Can I look at examples of your tailoring before I buy?

Of course. I have examples and customers who are happy to share their experience.

Tell me about the MTM process

First things first we have a chat and see if Bailey’s can offer what you are looking for. If we can and you trust me to create that for you I will meet with you and help you choose fabric, trim etc. I will then see you for a fitting. At the end of the process we will have a unique pattern that perfectly fits your body.

How much do your suits cost?

MTM suits start at £495 for a two piece. Average price is £700. The range is £495 to £3900 and is determined by the cloth you choose.

Shirts start at £120. Average price is £149. The range is £120 to £320 and again is determined by the fabric chosen. I will offer a 15% discount if 5 shirts ordered at the same time.

Price is not as important as great value. I am selling top quality products at a relatively low price simply because I have few overheads. The most important thing for me is service and quality and making a customer very happy as per the reviews and testimonials. Bailey’s full price list is available on the Our Bespoke Process page.

What are your standard terms of payment?

For regular customer I charge only once they are perfectly happy. New customers pay a 25% deposit. Fully refundable if the customer is unhappy.

How long does it take to have a suit made?

I advise 6 weeks for MTM suits and 5 weeks for MTM shirts. This can extend to 8 weeks in certain circumstances and also reduce to 4 if fabric is already in the work room.

For special occasions it makes sense to give yourself 12 weeks just to be sure.

How many times will I need to visit you to have my suit made?

2 or 3. One for a conversation, specifying your garment and taking measurements. One for fitting and possibly a 3rd for any amends to ensure a perfect fit. That said I will see you as often as it takes to ensure you and I are happy with your personal garment. We don’t specify a minimum number of fittings as we won’t allow a suit to go out unless we’re totally happy with it.

How many cloths do you have for me to choose from?

1000’s, sourced from the UK’s and the worlds top mills.

Where do you source your Cloth from?

The majority of our cloths are either from British or Italian mills and some progressive Chinese mills. The British cloth industry is currently thriving and make some of the worlds best cloths! Italian mills are known for design and offer something a little different with history and world leading quality. Some progressive Chinese and Japanese mills offer fabric of exceptional quality and excellent design. The Japanese denim mills are worth a special mention for innovative high quality.

Where do you manufacture your clothing

The UK, the EU and China. The UK still offers a traditional make with the cache of being British made and very. Portugal and Italy offer a beautiful make with attention to detail and a style that is hard to replicate in any other part of the world. China offers the worlds best engineered make and exemplary hand work. I wouldn’t be without any of the suppliers I use to produce world class products.

Do you offer an alterations service?

Yes. A professional service where I pin and measure your garment before allowing a qualified tailor to alter them. See our Alterations page for more information.

Do you keep my information for future orders?

Yes, with you permission. Your pattern is the template for future orders, It can be adjusted if needed to ensure a great fit for your future orders.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes Please. I no longer work from an office or retail store. It is far more convenient and cost effective to work from home or visit you if that is what you wish. The first appointment can take between 30-60 mins. Book a Consultation.

Can I have my garments sent out to me?

We are happy to send any garment after your final fitting.

What are your opening hours?

You can contact me anytime between 7am and 9pm Mon-Saturday. Contact details are on my Contact page.

Can MTM garments be refunded?

As all of the MTM are custom made for you they can’t be returned nor refunded. The standard 28 day refund policy does not apply. This does not affect your statutory rights and does not apply to faulty goods.  I will do everything within my power to ensure you are satisfied and I will happily remake or offer you a full refund if I make a mistake with your clothing.

Why choose Bailey Bespoke?

Always the best question to ask and I should probably have put it top but the answer is long winded! There are some great places to buy clothing from. I have 35 years experience and have made 1000’s of garments. Both “off the peg” and Made to Measure. I know the business inside out. I am not here to simply make money I am here to supply a fabulous service and create fabulous clothing that fits better than most men will have ever experienced.

Having a suit made to measure is a special experience. It should be exciting and never uncomfortable. We take the time to get to know you and your personal style, your most flattering colour palette, your body shape and personality. This will help us to create the right look for your unique piece of clothing. A modern look whilst never forgetting tailoring tradition.