Being a Gentleman will never go out of fashion! 

Being a Gentleman will never go out of Fashion!

The Oxford Dictionary describes a gentleman as “a chivalrous, courteous, or honourable man.”

And as I believe being a Gentleman will never go out of fashion how can we achieve that desired title “The perfect Gentleman”.  We try hard to be all things to all men (and women) in the ever changing world where etiquette and norms of behaviour shift on an alarmingly regular basis. For many confusion reigns over, ethnic terms, how to greet each other, which pronoun do I use? Exactly what is deemed acceptable when speaking to the opposite sex.  To quote Eddie Izzard After pronouncing he had been promoted to a she/her. “But I prefer she/her, don’t mind he/him, and I’m going to be relaxed about it. It’s not the time for fighting each other on this.” 

However, the term “he is the perfect gentleman” is still a mark of achievement and respect.

So how do we define a gentleman? Put simply; with a great deal of difficulty. I imagine my definition below is already out of date and I will undoubtedly upset some or a number of sectors of our society. If I do please forgive me and help me understand where I have got it wrong. 

  Here is my stab at defining what it means to qualify as “a perfect Gentleman”

  1. Offers to carry a heavy case or something a lady, or maybe that should be anyone, is struggling with. This is a chivalrous act and marks a man out as thoughtful
  2. A gentleman is always  well-presented. No matter the company, never dress down. It helps if you manage to wear a unique piece of Bailey’s clothing!                                                                                                                        Perfect summer look from a well dressed Gent
  3. Offers his coat or jacket when the weather turns a little cold or unpleasant.
  4. A gentleman offers his coat or jacket when the weather turns a little cold or unpleasant
  5. He never tells! Or spreads gossip and engages in tittle tattle. He protects others from malicious intent and confronts those who are in the wrong.
  6. Buys you flowers ‘just because’ you deserve it.
  7. A true Gentleman can dance and always makes his partner feel special.
  8. A true gentleman is confident, never arrogant.
  9. Regularly offers to make dinner. 
  10. Makes conversation with your friends and loves the idea that you are his partner and a valuable one too. This trait also spreads to those he meets: he knows how to make the other person feel important.
  11. Walks you to a destination rather than point out the way.
  12. Surprises you with thoughtful gifts and tokens of affection. 
  13. A gentleman knows that anything worth having is worth working hard for Shortcuts, free rides, those tiny samples of aftershave that come stuck to pages of magazines — these have no place in a gentleman’s world. Work for your luxuries, and your achievements will taste even sweeter. A gentleman knows that you only get what you give: and rightly so. 
  14. A gentleman almost never lies! Lying is the antipathy of being a gentleman and instead makes you a scoundrel. There are exceptions: if someone solicits and opinion about their appearance discretion is the order of the day. Perhaps not a lie but not always the full truth! It is Acceptable to fib about Father Christmas or 
  15. For a lady, a gentleman always offers his seat and opens the door. This gentlemanly gesture is simply very good manners and gentlemanly politeness. Long may it continue.
  16. A gentleman will always ensure his partner gets home safely. This is simply chivalry at its best.
  17. A true gentleman can and will cook. To prepare a meal for your partner is simply one of the most generous thing a gentleman can do. Oh, and see to the dishes afterward.
  18. Carries you home from a great night out if your shoes are hurting or your heels just a little too uncomfortable.
  19. Always lets you know if any part of your clothing is inadvertently tucked into your knickers.
  20. Allows you to pull in front of them in traffic
  21. Will watch rom-coms with you without complaining
  22. Sleeps in another room when coming home late so as not to wake you
  23. He likes your pictures and posts on Insta, TikTok and Facebook: however embarrassing.

A number of polls reveal that not enough men showed the behaviour of a true gentleman. Polls show that women enjoyed having the door held open and a drink poured for them and all partners enjoyed receiving flowers or a gift sent with feeling. 

I believe a Gentleman will never go out of fashion: do you?

Follow this link for an entertaining and more thorough view of what makes a gentleman:

What do you think?

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